Is it Possuble to Make Waffles with Pancake Mixture

If this question arises in your mind, then the answer is yes …… you do the simple modifications in the pancake mixture to turn them into delicious, fluffy, and crispy waffles. I also use the pancake mixture to turn them into my favorite waffles.

Almost every weekend, I try to make different waffles. Sometimes I use different toppings to make them super tasty. But sometimes I use the pancake mixture and turn it into waffles by following simple and unique tips and tricks. 

I will also tell you these tricks and tips to make waffles with different pancake mixtures. I also share my favorite recipe to make your day super good. You also create your best and favorite recipe by following these tips and tricks. 

First I will Tell You The Difference Between Pancake And Waffles:

Sugar Quantity:

Sugar Quantity
Sugar Quantity

If you have ever tried waffles, then you know that they have more sugar; that’s why they are turned into beautiful golden brown in color.

Now turn to the pancake mixture. Then there do not have that much sugar and do not turn into the beautiful golden brown in color.

Fat Quantity:

Fat Quantity
Fat Quantity

If we talk about fat, waffles batter has more fat than pancake mixture. That’s why pancakes are soft and fluffy in taste while waffles are crispy outside and soft inside. 

Now, if you turn the pancake mixture into a waffle, add extra fat. 

Batter Consistency:

Batter Consistency
Batter Consistency

Now we take a look at the batter. Then the waffle batter is thick while the pancake mixture batter is thin or runny.  

Now, if you turn the pancake mixture into waffles, concentrate on the batter to make it thick as waffle batter. 

My Favorite Recipe:

If you ask about my favorite recipe for pancake mixture into waffles, I use simple pancake mixture because I dislike flavored pancake mixture or fruit. So I also change simple pancake mixture easily according to my mood. 

Sometimes I make simple pancakes or waffles by adding lukewarm water or milk, egg, and oil into the mixture and enjoy these pancakes mixture into the waffles by adding my favorite tops.

You should read the method on the box you used for your mixture and then add the things accordingly. 

But sometimes, I add additional ingredients when I want my pancakes or waffles into an extraordinary thing. You should also try this; you will love it once you try it. 

Additional Ingredients:

  1. Vanilla or any of your favorite extract 
  2. Cinnamon + vanilla + malted milk 

Important Points You Keep In Mind While Make Waffles with Pancake Mixture:

  1. If you want to turn your pancake mixture into waffles or create a new look to make your breakfast super delicious, then add extra oil to your pancake mixture.
  2. Keep in mind that if you take one cup of your favorite pancake mix, then add 2 tsp of oil into the mixture to create the best waffles. 
  3. Then, pour this mixture into the preheated waffle maker to convert them into yummy waffles.
  4. If your waffles are in beautiful golden brown color, add 2.5 tsp of sugar to them. 
  5. You should keep concentrating on the batter. Do not make a runny batter. 

All your family and loved ones love these waffles because they create delicious, tasty, and enjoyable waffles.

A Simple Recipe to Convert the Pancake mixture into Waffles:

Ingredients you need:

Ingredients you need
Ingredients you need
  1. I cup of your favorite pancake mixture 
  2. 2 tsp of cooking oil 
  3. Lukewarm water or milk according to your pancake mixture

Tools you need for making Waffles:

Tools you need
Tools you need
  1. Bowl
  2. A whisk 
  3. Waffle maker 

The Step-by-Step Method you should follow to make Your Waffles from Pancake Mixture:

  1. Take a bowl and add one cup of your favorite pancake mixture. 
  2. Now add 2 tsp of cooking oil into it. 
  3. Mix this mixture well by adding any additional wet ingredients.
  4. Preheat your waffle maker first.
  5. Then, add oil to the waffle iron.
  6. You should pour the batter according to the size of your waffle maker.  
  7. Pour this mixture into waffle iron and wait until it cooks.

Please read the instruction or manual before you use any waffle maker.

Now what you Add on Top of your Favorite Waffles:

  1. My favorite maple syrup 
  2. Strawberries 
  3. Also, everyone’s favorite Nutella 
  4. Blueberries
  5. Simple butter
  6. Sugar dust 
  7. Honey 
  8. Also, my favorite Peanut butter 
  9. Melted chocolate 
  10. Bananas 
  11. Cinnamon powder
  12. Chocolate chips
  13. Whipped cream 

You can also add your favorite things or add above 2 or more things to make your waffles enjoyable. 

Solutions to the Problems you Face in making Waffles from Pancake Mixture:

Soft and pale Waffles:

If you see that your waffles are soft and a little pale in color, then you check that your waffle maker is not heated enough, so first keep the good temperature according to your waffle maker, then add or pour the mixture into it. 

Preheat your Waffle Maker:

Preheat your waffle maker for at least 5-10 minutes to make crispy waffles.

Take Time When you Pour the Next Waffle Batter:

When you take off your first waffle, pause and heat it for a few minutes, then add your favorite pancake mixture. 

If Waffles are not Crispy:

If your waffles are not crispy, use oil instead of butter. The oil makes extra crispier waffles for you.

How to Restore Your Left-Behind Waffles?

If the waffles are left behind, then do not throw or waste them; you should freeze your waffles.

First, cool your waffles completely, then take a bag and add them into it. Now take this bag into the freezer.

How to Use Frozen Waffles?

If you want to reheat our waffles, add them to the toaster now that you use them easily.

Alternate Method:

Microwave Waffle
Microwave Waffle

You take your frozen waffle into the plate, microwave it for a few seconds, and now enjoy four favorite waffles.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do we use oil instead of butter?

If you want crispier waffles, use them instead of butter because butter has water content, so oil adds extra moisture to waffles and makes a crust on them. 

How long does the pancake batter stay?

You should keep the batter in the fridge. And it stays about four days; not use it if the batter is kept in the fridge for more than 4 days. 

How to make waffles if I do not have a waffle iron?  

Do not worry about it; if you do not have a waffle iron, you can use a grill pan. It also works better for making waffles. 


You can make waffles from the pancake mixture but do different changes in the mixture. You can turn the pancake mixture into waffles by adding extra fat. Also, keep concentrating on the batter to make it thick.
Keep in mind that if you take one cup of your favorite pancake mix, then add 2 tsp of oil into the mixture to create the best waffles. Preheat your waffle maker for at least 5-10 minutes to make crispy waffles. You use oil instead of butter. Do not use a batter that lasts 4 days.

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