How to Reheat Pancakes?

We all love pancakes. Either breakfast or snacks, they are favorite for all people. Most of us love to make excess pancakes and reheat them once needed.

It’s extremely comfortable if you know how to store pancakes and reheat them on demand. Especially if you are a working woman and find it hard to balance work and home. 

In this article, we will be revealing the top three best methods of reheating pancakes. These methods are very easy, and the result is nicely warm and foamy pancakes inside and crispy edges outside.

Indeed this is the ultimate goal of reheating pancakes. 

If done in the wrong way, the reheating can result in non-edible pancakes. The wrong attempt on the skillet can burn the pancakes.

Microwaves can turn them gooey and greasy. Hold on for a few minutes, as we will reveal the best ways to reheat pancakes.

How Do You Store The Pancakes?

Just start with how to store pancakes. 

Pancakes are not difficult to store. It can save a large amount of time if made in large quantities and stored properly.

And with proper reheating techniques, you can easily restore the original taste and texture of the pancakes. 

Step 1: Cooldown before Storing

Don’t stack the warm pancakes to store. Remember, it will cause great trouble to separate the pancakes if they were stored warm.

Always thaw the pancakes at room temperature before storing them in the freezer.

Step 2: Place a Butter Paper between Pancakes While Storing

Butterpaper between Pancakes
Place a Butter Paper between Pancakes While Storing

The best practice of storing the pancakes is to place butter paper or any food-friendly paper between the pancakes.

One important point to note here is that the paper should be bigger than the pancakes themselves.

indeed, it’s a good practice and helps separate the frozen pancakes with the help of separation between them. 

Step 3: Watch Out For Time

As pancakes have dairy ingredients, it is very important to utilize them in fresh time. Do consume the pancakes in the refrigerator within 3-4 days.

And the pancakes liquid/batter in a day or so. While in the freezer, the pancakes can easily go as long as 7-8 weeks.  

Step 4: Keep It Covered

Another noticeable hack of storing the pancakes is to store them covered. This helps them to retain the freshness and moisture and allows them to recover foamy texture upon reheating.

It’s best to store them in a plastic zip-lock bag or a container that can be covered.

Best Methods of Reheating Pancakes:

Reheat pancakes in the toasterReheating pancakes in the frying panReheating pancakes in the oven
The best method to reheat pancake
Very easy to implementExcellent for large quantities and speedy servings
Fast and easy to implement
The required equipment is easily available to all people Produces soft and crispy-edges pancakes
Results in best reheated and as good as originalAdds nice golden and unique color to pancakesThough it takes time but is still worth it!

Reheat Pancakes In The Toaster (Best One!):

Reheat Pancakes In The Toaster
Reheat Pancakes In The Toaster

Indeed no person can deny the comfort of making the pancakes excessive in one go, storing it for some time, and reheating upon demand/need.

The toaster is the best way to reheat pancakes as it saves a lot of costs (than the oven) and requires no need for thawing or preheating. 

Thus, never underestimate the power of your toaster, as it’s going to surprise you in seconds.

  • Saves time
  • Result in awesomely reheated and foamy pancakes
  • Incredibly easy to implement
  • Some might not have access to a toaster (very rare)
  • Only a single pancake is placed in a slot. That’s why it takes a little time

Follow these amazing and simple steps to get the best result out of pancakes. 

Step 1: No thaw/Preheat

First and foremost, this method is the best way to heat up the frozen pancakes, as it requires no thawing.

Just follow the easy steps of storing pancakes (described above) and place the frozen pancakes inside the toaster. 

Make sure to place a single pancake in one slot of the toaster.

Step 2: Toast

Now, as per your toaster’s power and wattage, you need to place it on medium-high power. The toaster manual works well to instruct the proper way of reheating the pancakes. 

Once the toaster jumps the pancakes out, you can carefully check the pancakes’ temperature once the timer ticks are over if you find them warm and especially check from the center. Then the pancakes are ready.

But if you feel like the pancakes are not well reheated, you can accordingly give them another round as per the requirement. 

Step 3: Serve

Finally, the yummy and delicious pancakes that were cold leftovers just a few minutes before. And now they are reheated nicely from the inside and have crispy edges outside.

Just place them on the plate and serve it with the best available or favorite syrup or berries; All your choice.

Time required: Hardly 4-5 minutes

Reheat Pancakes in the Frying Pan:

Reheat Pancakes in Frying Pan
Reheat Pancakes in Frying Pan

A frying pan can be a nice option to reheat pancakes, but beware that it is not that easy as it seems to be.

Frying a pan can burn or make pancakes dry. But if done properly, the pancakes can be nicely reheated and made crisp from the edges. 

  • The universal method as frying pan is available with all people
  • Easy to implement
  • Evenly reheated with added golden texture
  • Requires to be thawed
  • Requires to monitor constantly

Follow these steps for the proper execution of reheating.

Step 1: Thaw

For this method, you need to control your hunger cravings slightly, as thawing is much essential to be done this method. This allows the pancakes to decrease their temperature and get an evenly reheated meal gradually.

Step 2: Preheat Pan

After that, turn the flame to low-medium and place the pan. Place some butter or oil on the pan. It’s preferred to place butter on the nonstick frying pan and evenly grease the pan.

This won’t let the pancakes get dry. Also, this will avoid the food getting extra brown color. 

Step 3: Reheat Pancakes

Finally, place the pancakes on the frying pan. Keep the flame on low-medium. Keep flipping the sides using tongs. Be very careful and alert as these pancakes can quickly get brown or burn if left for more time.  

Step 4: Serve

Lastly, once the pancakes are nicely reheated from the middle, they are ready to be served. Drizzle honey or chocolate syrup of your choice. Or even you can go with ice cream, all as per your choice. 

Time required: Around 15 minutes

Reheat Pancakes in the Oven:

Reheat Pancakes in the Oven
Reheat Pancakes in the Oven

Suppose you have a lot of leftover pancakes and want to reheat pancakes because guests are waiting speedily. In that case, the oven is the best option. We won’t recommend the oven for just a few pancakes.

For small quantities, you can use the toaster. Toaster reheats frozen pancakes one by one. To reheat a large quantity at once, go with the oven.

Also, one would never heat the entire kitchen on a hot summer day because of reheating a few pancakes. Yet if you have a large quantity, then do reheat pancakes in the oven. 

  • Excellent for large quantities 
  • Produces great quality and reheated pancakes 
  • Takes more time than the other two methods
  • It is not universal as most people don’t have access to it
  • Is cost expensive and requires a little more labor 

Follow these steps to reheat pancakes in the oven:

Step 1: Preheat

Perhaps the most difficult part is to control the hunger cravings. Yet, it’s much more important to preheat the oven and yield a nice and desirable pancake texture. Thus preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Prepare

Now, place the baking sheet on the oven dish. After that, place the pancakes on the oven dish. With the help of a nonstick spray or brush, apply some vegetable oil or melted butter (unsalted).

This helps the pancakes to retain their moist/foamy nature.

Step 3: Reheat In The Oven

Now greased before placing the pancakes in the oven. Make sure they all are placed apart from each other and are not overlapping.

Finally, cover the oven dish with close-fitting foil to ensure smooth reheating of pancakes.

Keep them in the oven for 8-10 minutes. Then place them out and check if they are properly done. 

If not, then give them another small round of oven.

Step 4: Serve

And lastly, don’t forget to ice it with sugar or cinnamon or anything you like. 

Time Required: Around 20-25 minutes

Hot pockets are also reheated in a similar way in the oven.


Thus, in this short and descriptive article, we saw how to reheat pancakes. Among these methods, the bottom line is which one is the best method to reheat pancakes?

The best flavor and taste come from the toaster. It heats nicely and saves a lot of time. Thus it’s the best way of reheating pancakes. 

The oven is also good for large quantities. And the frying pan is a decent universal option to consider as this too makes nicely reheated pancakes.

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