Belgian Waffles vs. Regular Waffles

Waffles are a delicious treat. Everyone love to eat waffles with their favorite topping. Some also enjoy waffles with their loved ones and family on weekend breakfast. 

You can create a new look for waffles by adding maple syrup, butter, and fruit toppings. Waffles are in different shapes, textures, and sizes, but we divided them into two classes; Belgian Waffles and Regular Waffles

If you open this article, you will probably find the difference between Belgian and regular waffles. So, we will deeply study the basics of Belgian waffles and traditional waffles and the main differences between them. Hence, you go out and enjoy a delicious waffles treat. 

What are Belgian Waffles?

Belgian Waffles
Belgian Waffles

Origin and History:

The Belgian waffles are originated in Belgium and officially invented in 1958. But it was introduced to America in 1962. It became popular in 1964 at in New York World’s Fair. At that time, it was called Bel-Gem waffles and was usually served with strawberries and whipped cream


These waffles are usually thick. The Belgian waffles have deep grooves that are used for better filling with your favorite toppings such as Nutella, maple syrup, or whipped cream. 


The recipe for these waffles contains; yeasted batter and crunchy sugar. Sometimes these waffles are made with egg white to give them a crispy and fluffy texture. 

Common Topping:

Butter, fruits, and sugar dust.  

Waffle Maker:

Belgian waffle makers because these makers have more oversized pockets or more extensive grids. 

How to make Belgian Waffles:

You follow this simple recipe to make delicious Belgian waffles. 

  1. Take a wash bowl and add flour, salt, and baking powder.
  2. Now, separate the egg yolk and egg white into two different bowls.
  3. Then, use a hand blender and beat the egg white until it converts into the form of peaks.
  4. Now, take a bowl of egg yolk and add oil and milk. Mix these ingredients well.
  5. Then, gradually add the dry mixture of flour, salt, and baking powder to the egg yolk mixture and beat it well.
  6. At last, add beaten egg white and mix well.
  7. Now pour this mixture into the Belgian waffle maker. Cook it until they turn into crispy waffles.
  8. Now add your favorite toppings and enjoy your lovely waffles. 

What are the Regular Waffles?

Regular Waffles
Regular Waffles

Origin and History:

Around the 16th century, Dutch waffle makers used grid patterns to make waffles. Some say that it was designed to use less batter and cover a large surface, but the truth is we do not know this was the start of waffles that we are recognized. 

With the passage of time and in every country, people are changing the method of making waffles to create a new and unique look and enhance their taste.


Regular waffles have a denser and flatter texture. Traditional waffles do not have deep pockets, so they have minor grooves in thinner sizes; that’s why they cook faster. 


These waffles are made with buttermilk which gives a richer flavor. These are usually baked with baking powder.


Nutella, peanut butter, and whipped cream.

Waffle Maker:

Any waffle iron.

Belgian Waffles vs. Regular Waffles

Belgian Waffles vs. Regular Waffles
Belgian Waffles vs. Regular Waffles
  • Belgian waffles are made with yeast; they have deeper grooves. While traditional waffles do not use yeast, they have more minor grooves.
  • Belgian waffles are thick, so they take time to cook, while regular waffles are thin; that’s why they cook faster.
  • As we already read, Belgian waffles have larger or deeper grooves, so it is difficult to buy different shape makers. You can buy different shapes of regular waffles maker as rectangular, circular, and square. It’s up to your preference what you like. You can purchase various cartoons and animal shape makers, also.

Which Cost is Higher? 

As Belgian waffles take time to cook, have deeper grooves, and are larger in size obviously, Belgian waffles’ cost is higher than regular waffles. Also, their ingredients, such as Belgian waffles, used yeast and other elements that make their cost high. 

What is the Right Topping for Waffles?

Right Topping for Waffles
Right Topping for Waffles

You can use any of your favorite toppings on waffles because no rule indicates that a specific topping is for a particular type of waffles. 

If you talk about my suggestion or my favorite topping, Belgian waffles have deeper grooves and look more attractive if I use them for fruits and other desserts. 

Advantages & Disadvantages:

Everything has its Prons and Cons.

  • Belgian waffles are more giant. That’s why it takes more of your favorite topping, unlike regular waffles, which are more accessible and convenient and use less of your favorite topping.
  • Belgian waffles take time to cook, while regular waffles cook faster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you make Belgian waffles in a regular waffle maker?

Yes, it is possible in a sense. But it does not look good. The Belgian waffle looks like a regular waffle. So, it would help if you used a Belgian waffle maker to make Belgian waffles. 

Are Belgian waffles sweeter than regular waffles?

A type of Belgian waffle called liege Belgian waffles is sweeter than regular waffles. 

Why did Belgian waffles call so?

Initially, Brussels waffles suggested the name as it originally came there. But it was realized that it was not popular or identified in America, so its name changed from Brussels waffles to Belgian waffles. 

What if we used whipped egg whites in Belgian waffles?

The authentic Belgian waffles recipe says that- beat the egg yolk into milk and butter, whip it in egg white, and gently fold it for airy texture.

Final Thoughts:

In this article, I give you maximum information about regular waffles and Belgian waffles. Their history, their recipe, and the main differences between them. Both are good in taste and texture. 

You can eat the waffles that taste best with your favorite topping. One thing is that if you have both a Belgian waffle maker and a regular waffle maker, then it would not be a bad idea.

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