How to Freeze Jackfruit

The popularity of Jackfruit as a vegan meat alternative has skyrocketed in recent years. It is popular among cooks because of its ability to mimic the texture of pulled pork or chicken and its robust flavor. But how can you keep it safe? Is it possible to freeze Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is one of the most difficult to come by fruit since it is not accessible all year. In the marketplaces of Southeast Asia and China, it is a tropical fruit known for its sweetness and flavor. Jackfruit, one of the biggest fruits on the planet, is distinguished by its musty scent and spiky green peel, making it stand out among other fruits.

Even yet, if you do happen to come across it, it is tempting to buy as much as you can, which may result in you having a surplus of fruits that will need to be preserved later. The temperature must be maintained at zero degrees Fahrenheit, whether in a can or the refrigerator, to ensure a long shelf life for the vegetables.

Follow the instructions below to find out if it is feasible to freeze Jackfruit and what method you may use to thaw it.

Is It Possible to Freeze Jackfruit?

Because Jackfruit is not particularly juicy, it is possible to freeze it. If you wish to save it for later use, freezing Jackfruit is the most convenient solution. The Jackfruit’s flesh is rich and delicious, but many people dislike it because of its foul odor, which may be overwhelming. If you have raw, fresh, cooked, or canned boxed Jackfruit, you may freeze it in various ways.

Let’s talk about preserving Jackfruit so that it stays fresh for an extended amount of time.

How to Freeze Jackfruit?

How to Freeze Jackfruit
How to Freeze Jackfruit
  • The Jackfruit weighs between 10 and 25 kg. Keeping the full Jackfruit in the freezer is not suggested since it may be tough for you to keep it fresh, and it will take up more room in your refrigerator.
  • Before freezing Jackfruit, it is preferable if the fruit is sliced into pieces.
  • It is necessary to chop Jackfruit since they are sticky, which is why we must do so. When cutting Jackfruit, make sure you oil your hands and knife so that you can easily grasp the Jackfruit in your hand when slicing.
  • The fruit of the Jackfruit has a large number of bulbs. Removing the bulbs of fruit from the pan and placing them individually on a baking sheet for freezing is recommended. Cookies and cakes are baked on a cookie sheet, a pan also used for baking.
  • Once you have determined that the bulbs have been properly frozen, remove them from the refrigerator and place them in a freezer-safe bag.
  • Before putting the frozen foods in the refrigerator, squeeze out any excess air from the freezer bag.

Can You Freeze Jackfruit?

Can You Freeze Jackfruit
Can You Freeze Jackfruit

Yes! Freezing it is an excellent way to save it if you have leftover raw Jackfruit for later use. But, before you go ahead and put everything in the freezer, there are a few things you need to take care of beforehand.

The arils, rags, and seeds should all be treated as if they were separate entities. If you use the rags, you should prevent freezing them and use them within two days, keeping them in the refrigerator until you are ready to utilize them.

In the same way that freezing other fruits can alter their texture and consistency, freezing Jackfruit can alter its texture and consistency due to the fruit’s high water content. However, because it is not nearly as juicy as other fruits, the process is not quite as severely affected.

Jackfruit may be divided into two categories: soft and crunchy. Crisp Jackfruit is what it sounds like: it’s crisp and delicious. Its arils are more crisp and solid than those of other species. Unsurprisingly, soft Jackfruit is softer and juicier than hard Jackfruit!

Although it doesn’t matter if you freeze crisp or mushy Jackfruit, the results are the same. Its texture will be similar to that of a soft jackfruit after being frozen and thawed several times.

How to Freeze Raw Jackfruit?

The result of putting everything into a single container without first sorting and dividing it is that all of your hard work will virtually be for naught since it will freeze into one enormous blob that will be nearly the size of the entire Jackfruit.

Here’s how to prevent your Jackfruit from clumping together when it’s frozen:

  • Layout a baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange the arils on the baking sheet – being sure that none of them contact since they will freeze together – before placing the baking sheet in the freezer.
  • Refrigerate for 1-2 hours, or until all of the ice cubes have frozen.
  • Place the frozen arils in a big freezer-safe bag and seal the bag. Place them horizontally in the container with as much room as possible between them, so they don’t get mashed up against each other. Suppose they are already frozen or kept vertically or too firmly in a container with others. In that case, they will solidify together into a single clump, regardless of how long they have been frozen.
  • Avoid piling anything hefty on top of your chilled Jackfruit to keep it from melting.

Can You Freeze Cooked Jackfruit?

Can You Freeze Cooked Jackfruit
Can You Freeze Cooked Jackfruit

Absolutely. When it comes to freezing, Jackfruit is extremely well suited for use. The same holds whether the product is ‘dry’ or fully cooked into a meal. You should have no reservations about freezing pulled Jackfruit or any leftover jackfruit stew you may have.

When compared to freezing raw Jackfruit, this approach is less time-consuming and complicated. If you like, you may also freeze the Jackfruit that has been wrapped.

Can You Freeze Packaged Jackfruit?

Absolutely. When it comes to freezing, Jackfruit is extremely well suited for use. The same holds whether the product is ‘dry’ or fully cooked into a meal. You should have no reservations about freezing pulled Jackfruit or any leftover jackfruit stew you may have.

When compared to freezing raw Jackfruit, this approach is less time-consuming and complicated. If you like, you may also freeze the Jackfruit that has been wrapped.

How to Defrost Jackfruit?

How to Defrost Jackfruit
How to Defrost Jackfruit

When it comes to defrosting your Jackfruit, there are a few various options that you may go with according to your preferences. It may be thawed in the microwave, refrigerator, or by running it under cool water for a few minutes.


Please take out the necessary amount of Jackfruit from its freezer-safe container and arrange it on a dish to thaw in the microwave. Then microwave it 5- 10- 15-second times to prevent overheating it and altering the texture more than it already has. Although this is the quickest approach, it is not one that I would recommend if you are concerned with quality.


To thaw Jackfruit in the refrigerator, just set the necessary number of Jackfruit on a dish or box in the refrigerator and leave it to defrost for a few hours or overnight. Although it varies depending on how much you take out, it might take anywhere from 30 minutes to many hours to complete.

Chilled Water:

Finally, you may thaw Jackfruit by soaking it in cold water for a few minutes. This works best if each piece has previously been split and placed in freezer-safe bags before starting.

Furthermore, depending on what you intend to use it for, you may not even need to thaw it at all. If you’re incorporating it into a soup or stew, it’s simplest to throw the thawed Jackfruit right into the pot while the soup or stew is simmering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to freeze jackfruit seeds?

Yes, jackfruit seeds can be frozen in the same way as jackfruit arils or pods are. By freezing them, you will keep them and use them later in the year if you so want.

Is it possible to freeze canned jackfruit?

You may freeze canned Jackfruit, but make sure you don’t freeze them in their original packaging before doing so. Make sure to open the original box and packaging before placing them in the airtight container.

How long does it take to cook jackfruit in a skillet?

It normally takes 10 minutes to fry Jackfruit until it is perfectly crispy. It does not imply that the Jackfruit will be ready to fry in a skillet within 10 minutes. It also depends on the type of heat burner being used. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil to rapidly fry your Jackfruit.

What foods should not be consumed after consuming jackfruit?

It has been discovered that drinking milk after eating Jackfruit may be a harmful combo because Jackfruit and milk are considered toxic together. According to research, you should avoid consuming any dairy products after consuming Jackfruit. It has the potential to induce skin illness or stomach distress.

Is it possible to overcook jackfruit?

It is not suggested to overcook Jackfruit since most jackfruit dishes must have the texture and flavor of pulled pork to be successful. Because Jackfruit cooks more quickly than pork, if you overcook it, the texture and flavor of the Jackfruit will be compromised. Take advantage of this sweet fruit as soon as possible if you want to appreciate its delicious flavor!

Final Words:

Even though Jackfruit is a rare fruit, it is feasible to store it in large quantities if you use the proper freezing procedure. Make certain that you take the things listed above into mind while freezing your Jackfruit, and there is no question that you will achieve outstanding results in the process.

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