How to Freeze Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are well-known for their nutritional value as well as their pleasant crunch. There are so many diverse applications for this low-calorie treat that it’s never a bad idea to keep a supply on hand. Sadly, bean sprouts have a limited shelf life and should be consumed as soon as possible to ensure optimum freshness.

Bean sprouts can be kept frozen for up to a year in an airtight container. Blanching the vegetables is the key to getting the best results.

Bean sprouts are well-known for their fresh, crispy, and crisp texture and flavor, as well as their nutritional value. Without a little preparation, freezing the sprouts will result in mushy and unappealing results for you. Fortunately, we’ve gathered all you need to know regarding freezing bean sprouts in this post for your convenience!

Can you Freeze Bean Sprouts?

can you freeze fresh bean sprouts
can you freeze fresh bean sprouts?

Because beansprouts have such a limited shelf life, you might be asking if it is safe to freeze them. The answer is yes. Bean sprouts can be frozen, but you must massage the vegetables a little before freezing to ensure that the sprouts retain their crunch.

Bean sprouts will only keep fresh for about a week if they are stored in the refrigerator. Alternatively, bean sprouts can be preserved frozen for up to a year and survive for 10 months or more! Always remember to keep the freezer temperature at a constant 0° Fahrenheit to ensure that the vegetables last as long as possible in the freezer.

Is It Possible to Freeze Beansprouts Without Blanching Them?

It is not suggested to freeze beansprouts unless they have been blanched before freezing. With a hot water content, beansprouts can become mushy and inedible if frozen without blanching them first.

How to Freeze Bean Sprouts?

Freeze Bean Sprouts
How To Freeze Bean Sprouts?

While freezing, Bean Sprouts should be blanched to eliminate any bitterness that may have developed. Immediately after blanching the bean sprouts, place them in a freezing container, pressing any excess air out of the bag, and place them in the freezer to use later.

The method of freezing bean sprouts before maintaining their crisp texture is not the simplest; nonetheless, following the steps outlined below should be sufficient for most situations. Before freezing bean sprouts, be sure to blanch them according to the directions provided below.

Over time, this will be helpful to you since it will aid the bean sprouts in maintaining their firmness, which is important for eating. After all, no one enjoys the texture of mushy bean sprouts!

Step 1: Bean sprouts should be cleaned and sterilized before freezing.

Step 2: Check that the bean sprouts have been well rinsed and drained before using them.

Step 3: Set up two containers of cold water and a small saucepan of water, and bring them both to heat. Fill a big mixing bowl partially with ice cubes or set it in the freezer for 2 hours before serving to allow the mixture to chill down before serving.

Step 4: After placing the cold-water basin next to the saucepan, move the bean sprouts to a steel colander to drain out any excess water.

Step 5: While using the colanders, soak them in hot water for at least three minutes to remove any residue.

Step 6: Retrieve the bean sprouts from the colander as quickly as possible and submerge them in chilled water.

Step 7: Allow them to settle for another three minutes before removing them from the water and draining it.

How Long Can Bean Sprouts Be Stored in the Frozen State?

Frozen Bean Sprouts can last up to 10 months in a freezer. Blanching the vegetables is required before freezing them in bulk. To freeze bean sprouts, first, blanch them, then place bean sprouts in a freezing container and squeeze out as much air as possible before storing them in the freezer.

How Do You Defrost Bean Sprouts?

How Do You Defrost Bean Sprouts
Defrosting Bean Sprouts

The sprouts will thaw more quickly if the container is transferred from the freezer to the refrigerator. For the defrosting of the vegetables, set aside approximately 2 hours. Bean sprouts are ready to be utilized once they have been drained of any extra moisture.

Is It Possible to Re Freeze Bean Sprouts?

It is not advised to refreeze bean sprouts under any circumstances. Once they have been frozen, they will have already begun to soften. You will be freezing mushy bean sprouts if you freeze them a second time after the first.

If you need to refreeze bean sprouts again, remove what you need and put the rest back in the freezer the next time you do it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to freeze cooked bean salad?

You will need one container for each piece of three-bean salad you prepare. Divide the three-bean salad into serving sizes that are appropriate for the containers you’ll be using. Close and secure the containers with their lids by pressing them firmly on the containers. Mark the containers with the date and contents, then place them in the freezer and freeze them.

How to freeze cooked green bean casserole?

Wrap the oven-safe pan with plastic wrap to prevent it from getting dirty. Wrap the pan and its contents securely with aluminum foil to ensure that they are completely sealed. Label the containers with the date and place them in the freezer.

How to freeze black bean burgers?

The process of freezing these bean burgers is straightforward. Nothing is more complicated than forming the patties and placing them on a baking pan coated with wax paper. After that, you’ll wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes to set.


The crunch of bean sprouts in soups and stews is delectable, and they also contain an abundance of vital minerals. That bean sprouts stay so well in the freezer is a fantastic piece of information. It’s no longer necessary to be concerned about what to do with the remaining bean sprouts now that you know how to freeze them properly.

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