Can We Freeze Onion

If you love to cook, you frequently use onion in your dishes. The onion is one of the essential products in all recipes that provide flavor and nutrients to your food.

Frozen onions are a great thing in your kitchen. You can also use frozen onion in dishes like soaps, meat mixtures, ground beef, casseroles, etc. 

When you have less time and are in a hurry to make lunch or dinner, frozen onions are a great choice. You do not need to think about the melting. You just use it in your recipe. The store will charge more for frozen things. So, it’s time to save your money.

The frozen onions also retain the flavor of your dishes. And you quickly cook. The best part is that you do not worry about cutting it off and, most important, about tears. In this article, you will make your own frozen onions by following the methods, tricks, and tips. 

What Things You Need for Frozen Onions:

  • A knife
  • Onions
  • Freezer bags
  • Freezer 

How Do I Freeze My Raw Onions?

  1. First, select the number of onions you want to freeze.
  2. Then, peel it off and clean it with normal water.
  3. Now, chop or dice your onions according to your choice.
  4. Now, it’s time to freeze your onions by following methods. 

Methods for Freezing Onions:

Dry Pack:

Dry Pack
Dry Pack
  • First, you need freezer bags. 
  • Then, pour chop or dice onion into it.
  • Also, express out the air and seal it.
  • Put the normal amount of chop onions. Not too much put in the bags.
  • Now, place it in the freezer. 
  • You set the bag straight. In this way, you can easily cut a cube of frozen onion and not spoil all the onions. 

Tray Pack:

  • You freeze the onion in a single layer of a cookie sheet or tray for about one hour or until when onion freezes.

, Then transfer these frozen onions into the freezer bags.

  • When bags are frozen completely after a few hours, remove the sheet and stack the bag in the freezer. 
  • Now, you easily separate onions according to your recipes. 

Glass Jar:

Glass Jar
Glass Jar
  • You need a glass jar with a lid.
  • Sometimes, the lid is made of plastic and smells when the things are frozen, so proceed carefully. 
  • Add chopped onions into it and freeze it. 
  • In this method, the frozen onions are not cut in the form of a cube. So negative part is that you spoil or disturb the frozen onion container.

Alternate Method: 

  • Put chop onions in the freezer bag.
  • Place straight in the freezer.
  • Allow it to set for about one hour or until the onions are frozen.
  • Then, you cut the frozen onions according to shape, like a square, and store them in a container.

Things You Need to Keep In Mind When You Buy a Container for the Freezer:

Things You Need
Things You Need

Suitable containers for your freezers:

  • Plastic freezer bags
  • Freezer paper
  • Freezer aluminum foil

Not suitable container for your freezers:

  • Milk cartons or containers
  • Plastic bags 
  • Cream containers
  • Cheese containers 

Why Should I Freeze the Onions?

Frozen onions are a great way to cook food without tears. It helps you avoid food waste and save too much money you spend on shops. It can be more convenient when you cook. And you easily store them without wasting too much time.

How Can You Increase the Limit of Frozen Onions?

If you want to increase the time limit or maintain its taste, then you should focus on:

  • Food packing material 
  • Temperature of the freezer
  • Frozen vegetables are eaten within about 8 months for better taste. 

How Should I Use the Frozen Onions?

It’s quite simple. When you’re ready to cook, just follow this onion cutting guide for frozen onions: Cut a portion of the frozen onion and place it in your container. Don’t worry about it thawing, simply add it to your recipe and continue cooking.


  • Sometimes, you use half of the onion in the recipe, and the leftover onion is spoiled. So you do not throw it away. You freeze it. 
  • Do not use zip lock bags.
  • You need thicker freezer bags to keep away the odor and leakage of onion smell in the freezer.
  • You label the bag with a date before you freeze the thing. So you use the oldest ones first.
  • The best way to freeze one is to freeze the bag straight. In this way, you quickly cut it out according to your recipe. 
  • Make sure you remove all the extra air in the freezer bag before you put it in the freezer to freeze things to prevent freezer burn. 
  • You use freeze onions for 3 to 6 months for good flavor.
  • You can also make onion powder to store your onions. 
  • Do not worry about the vitamins and minerals in the onions before you freeze them. Because frozen vegetables like onions preserve their nutrients. 
  • If you are too sensitive, chop onions in the food processor and freeze them. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What temperature of the freezer suits frozen things?

It would help if you kept the temperature at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below in your freezer. 

Are frozen onions good for health and fresh?

Frozen Onions are good for your health; if you cook a recipe but want to cook a sandwich or other things like that, do not use frozen onions. You use raw onions for the best taste and flavor. 

Can I freeze onions in ice try?

Yes, you can. You chop onions and put them in try. When it froze, then, put all cubes in freezer bags. Then you use it in your recipes. 

Which onions are best to freeze?

All the onions should be frozen; yellow onions, white onions, and red onions are frozen according to the same method. 

If I freeze onion in my freezer, it smells like raw onions?

No, it can’t because you freeze the onions in a freezer bag. You just cut it according to your recipe and place it in the freezer again.


If we have prepared or chopped vegetables in our freezer, then cooking is super easy and fun. Freezing onions are a great way to preserve the onions, save your money, and is super convenient for you. You use freeze onions for 3 to 6 months.

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