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Camping is fun until one starts planning for it. There is stuff to pack, provision lists to fulfill, and gear to carry. The menu planning can really be a lot more tedious if there are picky eaters in the family. 

Sandwiches and hot dogs are off the list because they get old very quickly. Scavenging for some fresh food isn’t a choice either, particularly if you are not experienced in doing that. That is why it is helpful to have the camping cookbook with you. 

You can find many camping cookbooks in the market relying on the equipment, including a grill, Dutch oven or skillet, and your cooking methods, including a campfire, stove grill, or coals. These best campfire cookbooks have enough amazing recipes that can really satisfy your appetites and cravings. 

A few of the new camp cookbook recipes concentrate on the practical meals that you can do easily without any problem, while a few of the recipes will be gourmet, which means you will have to prep them in your home kitchen and finish them off at the campsite. 

The best camping cookbooks are the ones that also help you out with other things related to camping. The campout cookbook also provides you with all of the info you will need to organize your camping trip better, whether it is by biking, backpacking, or RV. If you are a newbie, then these books can really give you the much-required guidance for camping. 

Reviews Of The Best 5 Camping Cookbooks:

The Campout Cookbook The Campout Cookbook
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Easy Campfire Cooking Easy Campfire Cooking
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Feast By Firelight Feast By Firelight
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The New Camp Cookbook: Gourmet Grub For Campers The New Camp Cookbook: Gourmet Grub For Campers
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Fix It In Foil Fix It In Foil
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The Campout Cookbook:

The Campout Cookbook

By Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson

The Campout Cookbook is an amazing cookbook featuring recipes to cook under the stars and around the fire. Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson are the authors of this amazing book. It was created to accompany the other books in their amazing series about eating and cooking in the outdoors. 

The book provides seventy-five delicious recipes covering various meals, ranging from backcountry stews to skillet pizzas, roasted vegetables, and bread prepared in cast iron. You can also find many dessert recipes as well. 

You can really get creative with all of these amazing recipes. It even provides useful substitution recommendations for the recipes. Lastly, there are even comforting alcoholic beverages for the adults in the group. Those desiring to kick back and relax under the stars ought to pay close attention to this part.

  • It offers a useful packing list.
  • Comprises a troubleshooting guide.
  • Teaches everybody how to begin a campfire.
  • The recipes can be challenging for those who are new to cooking.

Easy Campfire Cooking:

Easy Campfire Cooking

By Peg Couch

This book is filled with more than two hundred simple and cool camping food ideas. These recipes have been created for people to have some fun while consuming over the open coals. Peg Couch is the author of this amazing cookbook. It’s created to provide meals that families with a set budget can cook. 

Utilizing various fun tools ranging from tinfoil packets to sticks and even pie irons, it’s meant to get the whole family involved in the amazing camping experience. We mainly enjoyed the part explaining how people can cook three meals every day utilizing nothing but tinfoil! 

Anybody who wants to save some cash during their camping trip will desire to see a few of the delicious and inexpensive recipes that can be found in the book. You can also get a little bit creative, utilizing marshmallow roasting skewers and sticks for more than only smores.

  • Safely maintaining and building campfire instructions are provided in the book.
  • The recipes don’t need costly tools, rarely needing anything more than the tinfoil and standard silverware.
  • Tasty host desserts.
  • A few of these recipes appear to need a camping refrigerator.

Feast By Firelight:

Feast By Firelight

By Emma Frisch

Feast by Firelight: Simple Recipes For Camping, Cabins, And The Great Outdoors is an incredible cookbook that’s created to do the best cooking, even in the outdoors, feel like an easy experience. 

Emma Frisch is the author of this amazing camp and cabin cookbook. She has a lot of experience in the cooking field and even starred on a Food Network. We found the instructions in the book really useful. There are different parts in the book created to assist individuals in preparing their best camper meals at home.

We also loved how it can assist families in packing competently before they even leave. It features more than seventy recipes, letting everybody locate something to really enjoy. We also loved the gorgeous images because they let us have an image of what the meal ought to really look like when it is really done! 

This best campfire cookbook is a helpful guide for how you can cook 5-star best camping lunches even while enjoying the rustic outdoor conditions. Anybody looking to really impress ought to check out the recipes given in the book.

  • Emma assists individuals in cooking even the most challenging meals simply.
  • The book has a list of recommended camping tools and cookware for making cooking simpler.
  • The photography throughout the book is great.
  • The recipes are extremely involved and are not simple to cook when somebody is in a rush.

The New Camp Cookbook: Gourmet Grub For Campers:

The New Camp Cookbook Gourmet Grub For Campers

By Linda Ly and Will Taylor

We believe that this scouts gourmet grub cookbook is the best pick for the camp cookbook. It features a diverse array of amazing recipes, making it perfect for people going camping with friends and family, the experienced hiker, the elderly just wanting a nice vacation, and young friends seeking an adventure. 

This camp chef recipe book comes complete with a lot of good advice for cooking the best camping lunches. Linda Ly has put the best recipes together. She has a great amount of experience in the kitchen, in the outdoors, and as an author. 

The book features recipes that will fit various settings, comprising an enormous feast, a midday meal, tasty desserts, and a light snack. The book even has tasty beverage recipes, as well as for instructions on how you can set up your camping kitchen from start to finish. People who are searching for an absolute experience when cooking in the outdoors ought to try this book!

  • There are recipes ideal for any time of day, comprising large feasts, light meals, and snacks.
  • It’s comprehensive, talking about setting up the beverage mixes and camping kitchen.
  • It has received several awards from outlets like Outside Magazine and Time Magazine.
  • The book is big, and a few individuals may have problem locating exactly what they are searching for.

Fix It In Foil:

Fix It In Foil

By CQ Products

Fix it In Foil, from CQ products cookbooks, is an incredible book created for simple cleanup. On our previous trips, a few of the biggest frustrations come from the meal cleanups. It can really be challenging to scrub camping skillets and camping pots in a moveable camping kitchen, even if you own cleaning supplies packed in the camping kitchen organizer. 

With this amazing cookbook available other there in the market, the objective is actually to cook everything in the foil packet. This process actually makes cleanup really a breeze. The book mentions exactly how you can tear the tinfoil and fold it to prevent individuals from losing their food over the fire. 

While it may take a little practice, everybody can cook tasty food following simple directions. It provides about fifty-one amazing backcountry camping cooking recipes, which means that you have a lot of food options to pick from, accommodating all tastes. You can also find the ingredient substitution suggestions throughout the book, making for a never-ending number of combos.

  • The book is simple to pack and lightweight.
  • Everybody can learn how to cook over the open fire.
  • A lot of such meals can be prepared in bulk, permitting for simpler preparation and cleanup.
  • With a lot of foil, it can really feel repetitive.

What Features Should You Contemplate For The Best Camping Cookbook?

When somebody is trying to locate the best camping cookbook, it’s significant to have a glance at the features. There are numerous points that everybody is gonna desire to keep in mind. A few of such actually comprise:

  • Who’s Going On The Camping Trip? 

A few cookbooks are geared towards families with young kids. Other cookbooks may be geared towards adults or people who are camping with a big group of friends.

  • What About The Photography And Pictures? 

For a lot of individuals, it’s useful to have a photo of the food at the end. It’ll give them an objective to shoot for with their cooking. A photo is a useful guide throughout the cooking procedure, mostly when camping.

  • How Varied Are The Recipes In The Cookbook? 

A few of the camping cookbooks feature expansive recipes that assure everybody will locate something they love. Other cookbooks may feel a little repetitive and limit the meal types individuals can actually cook.

  • Is There A Simple To Use Packing List Or Ingredient List? 

When individuals go camping, it’s significant to pack as light as doable. It’ll make your trip much simpler. A few of the recipes are simple to follow and easy to cook. Others may need a long list of ingredients that begin to take up space.

  • Does The Cookbook Comprise Useful Info Regarding Starting A Campfire? 

How to keep the campfire going and different instructions on how you can make use of different tools throughout camping? Such additional features will come in really handy when individuals hit a roadblock during their cooking.

  • Are There Any Safety Instructions? 

While no one assumes they are gonna get hurt, a lot of such books have useful safety advice. It comprises working with an open flame, having a campfire in a limited space, and utilizing sharp tools safely.

It’s a useful list of features in different camping cookbooks that everybody ought to think about before actually going camping.

Precautions When Utilizing The Camping Cookbook:

Not all of the camping cookbooks available on the market are designed equally. A few of the camping cookbooks are actually better for a few individuals than others. Some of the points that everybody will desire to remember comprise:

  • How Challenging Are The Recipes To Prepare? 

A few of such recipes may be difficult for people who have not cooked in a campfire setting before. Think about the recipe options vigilantly.

  • Do The Recipes Need A Refrigerator? 

Everybody camps in a different way, and a few may make use of an RV that comes with a fridge. Others may not.

  • How Expansive Is The List Of Ingredients? 

A few of such recipes are extremely involved and may need ingredients that are difficult to locate.

  • Who Is The Cookbook Actually Meant For? 

A few cookbooks are actually meant for young adults, while others may be for families with kids.

There are a lot of camping cookbooks available out there in the market geared toward diverse audiences. Individuals have to take some time to locate the one that’s actually correct for them and their requirements.


In the end, The New Camp Cookbook is the best camping cookbook available on the market. It is available for road trippers, campers, and adventurers out there. We think that this cookbook checks all the boxes. It’s appropriate for nearly everybody of all camping situations and all ages. It sets itself apart from the other books available on the list by comprising a thorough guide to setting up the camping kitchen. 

It has the different beverage mixes and comprises a complete list of supplies. Of course, this book also features recipes for meals for any situation and at any time of day. The cookbook is simple to follow and practical. It really fulfills all the requirements for the best camping cookbook and will let everybody elevate their camping experience.

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