How to Defrost Dumpling Wrappers

The Chinese culinary tradition features a plethora of dumplings, each of which requires a certain kind of wrapping. Dumplings, like potstickers, wontons, and shumai, are frequently served at Chinese restaurants, and the wrappers used for these dumplings are generally made from wheat.

Wrappers for dumplings often have a long shelf life. In most cases, they are sold in large quantities, and it is quite probable that you will only utilize a portion of those quantities.

After that, the decision on what to do with the wrappers will be yours to make. You could put them in the freezer, for example. In any event, you will need a strategy for dealing with the issue of how to thaw dumpling wrappers.

Are dumpling wrappers suitable for freezing? The correct response is “yes.” When properly frozen, they have up to one year of shelf life. To prevent the handmade wrappers from sticking together, sprinkle them with corn starch before using them. Following careful wrapping in plastic wrap, preserving their freshness can be accomplished by storing them in a container with a tight-fitting lid or a freezer bag.

What Exactly Are Dumplings, Then?


It is common knowledge that dumplings have a mouth-watering texture and flavor. They are delicious bite-sized sweets that come in a wide variety of flavors. They are frequently used in dishes from all around Asia, particularly in China, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. 

They are also commonly served as an appetizer or a side dish in Japanese cuisine and are an essential component of the Chinese tradition of dim sum.

How Long Does It Take for Dumpling Wrappers to Defrost After Being Frozen?

The flavor and consistency are altered when frozen dumpling wrappers are cooked directly from the freezer. It is recommended to take them out of the freezer before beginning the cooking process. One can defrost them in a variety of various ways. It is possible to thaw them in cold water, the refrigerator, or the microwave. The amount of time required by each of these approaches varies.

It takes anything from 12 to 18 hours to thaw evenly in the refrigerator. On the other hand, you may thaw them in cold water if you have a short time. It will take around an hour and a half to complete this procedure. If you are pressed for time, you may cook dumpling wrappers in the microwave, and an unexpected visitor is coming over. They will become room temperature in only a few seconds.

Is the Microwave an Appropriate Method for Defrosting Frozen Dumpling Wrappers?

Defrost Dumplings Wrappers using Microwave
Defrost Dumplings Wrappers using Microwave

If you don’t have enough time to go through the other two methods of defrosting dumpling wrappers, you may certainly defrost them in the microwave instead. 

It is necessary to remove dumpling wrappers from the freezer before defrosting them in the microwave. Unseal the package of frozen dumpling wrappers and remove them from the bag as they become accessible.

If ice crystals are stuck to the wrappers of the dumplings, remove them by brushing them away with the finest kitchen brush. Now put them on a dish that can be heated in the microwave, and choose the defrosting option on your microwave. 

Remove them from the freezer for five to ten seconds. Continue to check on them and take them out of the microwave as soon as they get soft.

How Should Handmade Dumpling Wrappers Be Stored in the Refrigerator?

Stored in the Refrigerator to Defrost
Stored Dumplings in the Refrigerator to Defrost

To achieve the best possible results, utilizing these wrappers on the same day they are manufactured is recommended. However, to properly store them in the refrigerator, you will need to do the following steps:

Step 1:

Coating them with potato starch will prevent them from sticking to the surface. Because using all-purpose flour will cause the dough to lose its moisture, this strategy won’t be successful.

As a consequence of this, the next day will find all of the wrappers adhered together. This may be avoided by using a small quantity of starch as a dusting powder.

Step 2:

Apply a half teaspoon of potato starch over the wrapper by spreading it with your fingertips. Make sure that it is dispersed uniformly throughout the entirety of the wrapper.

Step 3:

After applying potato starch with a brush to the wrapper, stack another wrapper on top of it. After stacking all of the wrappers together, dust them with starch until they are arranged correctly.

Step 4:

To finish, wrap the dumpling wrappers with plastic wrap to be as snug as possible. The purpose here is to maintain a dry environment for the dumpling wrappers. It is highly recommended that you use airtight containers to preserve the freshness of everything.

In the past, I made the error of putting the wrappers without the plastic cover wrap right into the bag with the zip-top closure. The following day, moisture accumulated within the bag, causing all wrappers to get adhered to.

After putting the skins in the refrigerator, you should utilize them 48 hours later. When left in the refrigerator for an extended period, the dough on the dumplings will become a grayish color.

Is It Possible to Use Cold Water to Thaw Dumpling Wrappers?

Use Cold Water to Thaw Dumpling Wrappers
Use Cold Water to Thaw Dumpling Wrappers

The answer is yes; you can use cold water to thaw dumpling wrappers. Remove the packet of dumpling wrappers from the freezer, but do not unroll them. Now, get a basin, fill it up with ice water, and put the package inside it. After half an hour, you should continue to change the water.

The wonton wrappers will be ready to use in about an hour and a half. For this purpose, you may thaw them in a steamer; however, you will need to invest in the best steamer possible. Wrappers for frozen dumplings should be placed in the steamer. Before placing them in the steamer, oil it beforehand. The next step is to steam them over boiling water until they are defrosted.

How Do You Fold and Close the Wrappers for the Dumplings?

Because the dumplings have a starch coating, water is required for them to be successfully sealed.

Permit me to demonstrate:

  • Just put one on the table in front of you. It would help if you moistened the edges of one half of the dumpling wrapper by dipping your finger in a bowl of water and then wetting the edges of that half (semi-circular). If necessary, add more moisture to it.
  • Place a teeny-tiny amount of the filling in the middle (just a teaspoon).
  • After folding it in half, pleating the sides and squeezing the pleats together at the top edge.
  • After that, make it airtight by pressing it and sealing it with a sealant. On the other side, repeat the process.

How Long Are Dumpling Wrappers Good for When Stored in the Refrigerator?

The wrappers can be stored in your refrigerator for a few weeks as long as they have not been opened; however, you have just one week to utilize them once they have been opened.

The most efficient method is to freeze them in manageable quantities that can be retrieved from the freezer. Keep the wrappers for the dumplings securely wrapped in plastic wrap, and then store them in bags with zip-top closures. This will ensure that the wrappers are used for several months.

How Should Frozen Dumpling Wrappers Be Thawed?

Because of the delicate nature of wonton and dumpling wrappers, it would not be possible to take extreme action. You have the choice between the two options, and which one you go with will depend on how fast you require them.

Method 1:

Remove the wrappers from the freezer the night before, and allow them to thaw in the refrigerator for the next 24 hours. You may prevent them from turning into sticky ice cubes by defrosting them in this manner.

Method 2:

Allow the wrappers to come to room temperature and sit out for thirty to sixty minutes. Before you entirely remove their packing, you should first let them thaw out. After the wrappers have been separated, spread additional flour on them.

Method 3:

I had to use the microwave to thaw the wrappers in the past. On the other hand, back then, I had no idea what the capabilities of microwaves were.

In my experience, microwaves tend to either overheat the wrapper or cause the edges to become charred. This is not the case anymore since I am aware of the proper way to deal with it today.

  • The wrappers should be allowed to thaw in the refrigerator overnight because this is the most effective method. On the other hand, if you want to get started right now, follow these steps:
  • Put them in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time, checking after each interval to make sure they don’t become wet or overheated. Continue doing this until they become flexible enough for you to separate them from one another.
  • You may use your fito to remove the frozen pieces from the thawed ones carefully, and as you proceed, you should turn the stack over.
  • Keep going for another 10 seconds while slowly peeling the bottom and top and gradually taking it in. Be careful not to heat the skins in the microwave for too long, as this will cause them to become “cooked” and difficult to work with. You will be peeling enough of the skins in no time at all.
  • After the wrappers have been split, sprinkle some more flour over them.


When food is defrosted, heated air causes the wrappers to get saturated with moisture, which cannot escape (flour-based). These very high amounts of moisture might have a detrimental effect on the wrappers. 

As a result, take extra precautions throughout the defrosting process and keep the moisture under control. Starch is used for dusting almost all of the wrappers used for dumplings. As a consequence of this, the edges need to be sealed with water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I refreeze dumpling wrappers once they have been defrosted?

After using all of your wonton fillings, you may discover that you have a few wonton wrappers left over. In this case, you can either refreeze them, store them in the refrigerator for up to a couple of days, or reuse them. If you don’t believe you’ll be able to utilize them, it’s better to put them in the freezer until you need them for another wonton dish.

What is the best way to keep any unused spring roll wrappers?

Fresh summer rolls are at their finest when consumed just after they have been made, but you can keep them stored in the refrigerator for a few hours if you wrap them in plastic wrap. Keep the rolls separate since they tend to adhere to one another once some time has passed.

Can you freeze dumpling wrappers that you buy from the store?

Once the wrappers have been placed into a freezer bag, double-wrapped in a layer of plastic, and then sealed, you can freeze them. You may let the wrappers thaw on the counter and then use them as you normally would. So because wrappers are coated with starch, you will need to use water to assist in securing the dumplings together so that they don’t fall apart.

Bottom Line:

Putting frozen dumpling wrappers in a basin with room temperature water can allow you to thaw them quickly. You should let the wrappers become somewhat wet in the water, but you shouldn’t let them get completely submerged. 

The wrappers should be defrosted and be ready for use within ten to fifteen minutes. You may also toss them in the microwave and cook them for thirty seconds if you are in a rush to prepare them. We hope that you have found some new techniques that will assist you in defrosting dumpling wrappers as a result of reading this blog post.

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