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Update: Truckin’ Good Food is now Crepe Bar in Tempe, AZ – Check it out!

Our love affair with food trucks started with Kogi BBQ, a mobile eatery serving up Korean-Mexican fusion tacos that ignited the food truck revolution. With the mobile food truck trend it is no surprise that mobile food vendors are being touted for their amazing cuisine. Some are even being mentioned in the same league as some of the top fine dining restaurants and chefs. You know times are changing, when food truck vendors and their mobile cravings become household names synonymous with fine cuisine. Well, that time has arrived! It is not usual to fine hungry foodies lining up for hours, in droves all across the country, just to taste these innovative, street food-inspired creations. Unfortunately you can’t make reservations, so get in line early to beat the starving crowd and lunch rush. Because these mobile eateries are constantly buzzing with activity and hungry fans.

Catering to everyday hungry construction workers, pedestrians, office worker bees (like us) and college students is what these mobile food artisans do best. There is something about mobile food that makes eating on the curb or copping a squat on the grassy knoll for a spur of the moment picnic so appealing and fun. We will be the first to vouch for that! You see…if you look hard enough, you can find really good food, dished out on the street in unexpected places. As a hungry couple on a mission for good eats we are here to prove just that.

As if gourmet mobile food couldn’t get any better, think again, imagine crepes as the ultimate street cuisine. As hungry busy bodies we tend to eagerly gravitate toward the familiar, grabbing a slice of pizza, meat on a stick or hot diggity dog.  For to long crepes have been given a bad wrap in the food world, kept at arms length and often stereotyped by average joe’s (guilty as charged) as to sophisticated, uppity, dainty for our palates and only for the snobbishly wealthy. Well, think again! Word on the street (you heard it hear first) is that Truckin’ Good Food is kickin’ the mobile food craze up a notch with their  non-pretentious, down to earth, curbside, made -to- order French inspired crepes with a modern twist. Not to mention offering specialty desserts and drinks. They are making us rethink the crepe experience by getting us reacquainted one crepe at a time. You see crepes aren’t just for the French anymore! Truckin’ Good Food is serving up high end, no fuss fare while gallivanting their mobile crepe stand throughout Arizona at local farmers markets and festivals. There flavorsome, accessible menu is inspired by childhood favorites, global comfort foods and the unexpected.

Offering a fast, portable, affordable, familiar, convenient and fresh way to eat on the go Truckin Good Food is catering to hungry passerbyers with updated versions of crepes. Although their menu caters to our busyness, you can’t help but stop and savor this very tasty moment. Owners Erin Ware and Jeff Kraus, officially titled “The Guy In Charge”, are bonafide mobilized crepe chefs serving up these deliciously thin, savory and sweet pancakes to the masses, in lightening speeds. After a healthy dose of soul searching, Jeff threw in his corporate America tie for an apron, ladle and griddle after he took a trip to France where he learned how to make French Macarons and experienced street creperies first hand. This is where his love of crepes was born and he hasn’t looked back, of course keeping his eyes fixed on the griddle so the crepes don’t burn. From savory to sweet, this passionate and fun loving couple is raising the standard for typical food truck fare. Our kind of people! Serious about good eats and good times, they are truckin’ it, we are bloggin’ it…good food that is!

Thin, crispy and golden, making the perfect crepe is an art in it self. If you have every attempted to make a crepe, then you know they take time to master. Translated this means a huge pile of crepe causalities, many failed attempts and messy culinary disasters in the kitchen. Thankfully, Jeff  has mastered the art of the griddle and a good batter smooth as silk. So, we figured we would leave crepe making to the experts and leave taste testing to us. Shhhh..don’t tell Jeff but you probably would agree that we got the better, or shall we say taster end of the bargain. Authentic, fast, casual, sweet and savory Crepes made to order is Truckin’ Good Foods specialty. You can even be bold to say that they sleep, eat and dream about crepes. Jeff’s passion for crepes and his craft is obvious as he proudly shows off his forearm immortalized with a Nuetella (no sell by date here!) and pig tattoo. We could have sworn we heard that pig oinking. Oink, Oink!

While speaking with Jeff we quickly learned an important foodie lesson, the most committed and passionate chefs get inked and mark themselves with tools of trade. His tattoo’s are just as creative as the crepes he makes. First rule of thumb is to always trust a guy with a Nutella tattoo, his street cred and our seal of approval that he knows how to flip those crepes and make every bite delicious. Besides, any guy sporting a pig inspired tattoo proclaiming his undying love for glorious bacon is okay in our book. We must admit food looks just as good in ink.

Are you a Nutella lover or Nutella virgin? Well, here is a Truckin’ Good Food crepe that will satisfy your sweet side and tickle your senses. Paying homage to a childhood favorite spread, there is a crepe on the menu properly named “My First Time” which features Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread), banana’s, candied walnuts and of course its not complete without a topping of real whip cream. The Nutella’s creamy chocolaty taste and roasted nut flavor will delight each mouthful. It is simple ingredients like these that fuel Jeff’s crepe obsession and will get your taste buds excited.

Truckin’ Good Food’s crepes proves that you don’t have to travel to France to enjoy a tasty French Crepe. Take your culinary journey without the jet lag. They offer an amazing menu  selection of dessert and main course crepes which consist of natural, locally & regionally sourced ingredients. The crepe creation possibilities are endless, fill ‘em with a glorious assortment of jam, Nutella, cheese, fresh fruit, veggie, meat and anything your heart desires and your taste buds crave. The skies the limit served hot off the griddle!

Our taste buds and hungry bellies immediately perked up when the delicious and irresistible crepe aroma of melty goodness filled the air. We stood their drooling and could not escape the delicious enticing aroma of crepes that take you on a journey overseas. Just from the intoxicating aroma alone we can see why their crepes are well, selling like hotcakes! We watched hungry eyed as Jeff ladled and swirled the crepe batter wafer thin on his round hot griddle with a wooden T-shaped crepe scraper (a rozelle). The crepe was then flipped, filled and folded within minutes, a foreshadowing of how long it will take for us to gobble this deliciousness. The crepe was served warm folded into a convenient triangular to go paper cone, so there’s no need for traditional plate and knife. Ta Dah! Clean hands. Pure genius!

Adam tried their robust Cheesy Good crepe concoction, a savory Southwestern blend of Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese made with black bean puree, and a creamy charred cilantro & lime sauce. While I ordered a dangerously delicious, savory Ham n’ Cheese combination made with locally raised ham from the famous Meat Shop in Phoenix ( we will be bloggin’ about you soon!), cheddar cheese, charred & slightly tart pineapple and a sweet cherry glaze reminiscent of a Thanksgiving baked glazed ham. Not only did we leave with satisfied bellies, but went home dreaming about crepes. Are we making you hungry yet?

From what we gather from Jeff, besides understanding how to work the griddle, the key to a flippin’ good crepe is knowing how far to turn up the heat in the kitchen and stirring up a good batter. Jeff is proud to announce that their batter is homemade inspired by classic and modern recipes and not a pre-mix.They have a buckwheat batter for their savory crepes and a basic batter for their sweet, fruity and berry delicious crepes, both of which complement their fillings. It was amazing watching Jeff’s crepe making skills in action as he turned lifeless crepe batter into a sublime, nourishing, mouthwatering, and satisfying comfort food. Their handmade to order crepe batter was cooked in a flash and casually folded over a variety of simple fillings. Truckin’ Good Food’s Parisian inspired crepes are amazing and your patience is rewarded when you take your first little bite of heaven.

Truckin’ Good Food is definitely one of our favorite mobile food vendors in the Valley and is truly worth seeking out. While they are in the process of building their mobile Truckin’ Good Food kitchen on wheels, you can visit their makeshift canopy crepe stand for affordable food and an enjoyable experience.  Hoards of Arizona hungry crepe fans can follow the smell or better yet get your latest crepe fix by stalking, oh sorry we mean by following @TruckinGoodFood on Twitter for their daily route coordinates, menu specialties and where they will be setting up camp in your area. Everyday they are adding to their culinary offering. Their hope is to have a swarm of Truckin’ Good Food mobile trucks & carts roving the Arizona Valley and beyond to feed the hungry masses. We must say they are off to a good start.  So, join the crepe revolution!

It’s a wrap! Thanks everyone for tuning into our foodie world, we appreciate your support. If we are making you hungry then a job well done. Now we are off on another foodie adventure, so taste buds stay tuned! As they say in french “Au revoir”, until then keep on truckin’!

The menu
Average Price Range: $6-$7

Truckin’ Good Food

What type of crepe would you prefer, savory or sweet? Also, what would be great crepe flavor creation for Truckin’ Good Food to offer on their menu?

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THX, Adam & Wendy

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4 responses to Truckin’ Good Food- Serving Up Curbside Mobile French Crepes

  1. amazing! the thing I miss most about Paris is (sadly) the nutella and banana crepes, so I'm thrilled that it's on their menu :)

  2. truckingoodfood April 29, 2010 at 2:09 am

    Hey Whitney I'm with you – Nutella and Banana was my first French crepe and that's where I fell in love with them. I've studied and studied the art of crepe making and I've broken down each component that makes up the batter. I'm freakishly motivated to develop the perfect crepe batter. Reviews like this assure me that I'm on the right path of serving the perfect crepe, and for bringing joy, memories, and experience through my crepes. I love it!!! I look forward to taking you back to Paris – hope to share my food with you soon.

    Jeff – Truckin'GoodFood

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